Period Tracking App – Clue

So without the familiarity and more importantly the regularity of being the pill to control when my periods arrive I was at a loss to figure out important timings. I tried several apps and finally settled with Clue as its free and has quite a few features to track. I also like the visual feel and the symbols for bonking!

I put in all sorts of things from sleep to mood. It can give you estimates of when the next period is due once you’ve done at least one cycle and it gets smarter as you put in more data. You can also choose to mark the fertile period if you are trying to conceive. I’m more intuitively just getting to know my feelings but tracking them does allow me a few more detailed insights when my brain is too busy with life.

It’s already proved to be invaluable in setting appointments and I feel more confident in recording in this app as it is protected by password within my already password protected phone.

Maybe it’ll come in handy if we decide to go for it… someday…


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