Get this fire started!

Um… There’s no polite way to put this…

I got my mojo back!!! Raaaarrrrrr!!

My body seems to be finally getting back to normal after kicking the pill. It’s been two normal periods and oh boy… I cannot begin to explain how intense the desires are! Hubby is ecstatic and exhausted! He’s only got to go in for a smooch and the engines are running and ready to go.

Five to six days before ovulation (nasty little pain in the side) and we are at it like rabbits. Condoms are our contraception at the moment and while I don’t like the interruption to the flow of the game its not reducing the pleasure at all.

We love laying together in the evening in front of the fire, although I have to admit preferring to retire upstairs as the rug doesn’t have as much padding for whoever is on the bottom!

We are so much closer and I feel so ALIVE!

I’m so glad I took the plunge and stopped taking the Pill. The fog in my brain has lifted, I’ve got a health perspective on life, and I feel so much more in control of my own destiny.

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