Rock, Paper, Scissors…

This is going to sound mental… We’ve come up with an odd way to make decisions about whether or not to have unprotected sex…




We’ve been having a lot of discussions recently about whether we want a family. We’ve had these discussions before on plenty of occasions and we’ve always fallen to the power of logic:-

  • “not enough money for a baby”
  • “wrong time in our careers”
  • “the house isn’t finished”
  • “we can’t afford kids”
  • “we just aren’t sure”
  • “we don’t have a local support network”

So we had those discussions and logic says no… and then I’d cry about it for days! Even in my pill befuddled days I should have known that something was off and that despite outwardly saying I didn’t want kids that more was going on… [another post on this one coming soon]

Now that I’m off the pill and have my normal feelings back I’m fully aware that I would actually like to have children. I’ve not changed my mind… I’ve just got it back…

So in my uncertainty over what hubby wants I invented a new take on rock, paper, scissors… In the moment of passion (probably not the best decision making time but what the heck!) we chose…

Rock = rock on… in you go soldier
Paper = I’m so not sure
Scissors = cut the little swimmers out… get a wrap on him

And because I know myself I ruled out paper! Crunch time – make the decision on the spot based on true feelings… Hubby gamely agrees to play…

So next time (coincidentally the next night), we play… I choose scissors and he chooses rock!!!! Right, wasn’t expecting that! So we enjoyed some protected sex and fall asleep…

A few days later… here comes the wave of passion… rock, (paper) or scissors… We both chose rock!!!

Blip – period comes next morning. Game over until next time…


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