Reading too much!

With the decision to go ahead and try to make a baby this month comes the inevitable… ekk! What the heck am I doing and how on earth does it all work? More importantly… will my body cope with everything that’s possibly on its way???!

  • Tears! Oh dear, please don’t let that happen…
  • Fluid retention! Swelling and weight that’s not the baby?
  • Breast pumps! Eh… what’s that for?
  • Car seats! Oh my goodness I bet our car doesn’t have ISOfix points panic… phew of course it does!
  • Backache! Wait a minute I get that already…
  • Latch? Tongue tie? Cracked nipples? Ugh, sounds awful…
  • Co-sleeping? Do we have the space? Oh god, how are we going to cope in our little house?!
  • Cloth or disposable nappies? Want to be eco-friendly and save money but is it fiddly and gross?
  • The aftermath! Nope still don’t want to think about that one!!

All of this was really making me start to fret and wonder if I was really ready? 

So I definitely need to pause a moment and remember why we started trying for a baby… and in the hope that it wasn’t all bad I googled “good things about having a baby” and found some lovely lists to cheer me up…

50 good things from babycentre

25 nice moments from

Real life positives on the mumsnet forum


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  1. Ah it’s all good, really it is! A very exciting time and don’t believe everything you read on google! 😉

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    1. RawMum says:

      Very sound advice 😋


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