I’m not even pregnant yet and the desire to nest has seriously kicked in! 

I lay awake several nights last week because I was worrying about how to make room in the house for a little one. We have a two bed house but our support network lives a long way away… so we’d like to keep the option of two double rooms. 

Most of the time our ‘spare room’ is many things… office, sewing room, clothes drying space, guest room… dumping ground! Take a look!

Yes there’s a bed under there!

So this Sunday we gutted it and tried out some alternative arrangements. The idea was to maintain the option of a double bed, reduce some clutter, get more floor space, make it more comfortable, explore the options for cribs etc… but without giving the game away (yet) as I’m not up for any awkward questions from friends and family. 

I’m really pleased with the results. We’ve packed away the old computer desk that was a major dumping area, given ourselves more room for hanging washing, made the bed into a sofa with lots of cushions, I’ve still got my sewing machine under the window where I prefer it and Hubby is well chuffed to have a “man-cave” with old consoles to play (the perfect excuse if anyone asks why!). 

This room is remarkably flexible and I found it very cathartic to purge some of the unnecessary clutter. Very satisfying. 

My Petit Canard

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  1. Lucy grace says:

    Ahhh, I love a good clear out! Its so therapeutic isn’t it? Have been binge watching speed cleaning videos on youtube lately… there is just something so satisfying about watching a space get decluttered and transformed. Well done, the room looks great! #marvmondays

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  2. Kate Holmes says:

    Well done you and yes I know that feeling of clearing clutter – always seems to tough to do but when you do it it feels so good

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  3. Jakijellz says:

    Well done you. I didn’t get to the nesting stage when I was pregnant let alone when I’m not. I can imagine it’s quite therapeutic though. #marvmondays

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    1. RawMum says:

      Very therapeutic and also reassuring me that we do have enough space!

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