#WaitToWee Great campaign… so hard to implement!

I read about the #WaitToWee campaign while cruising Twitter looking at various trying to conceive and early signs of pregnancy posts. 

I totally didn’t appreciate the desperate “need to know” feeling that came over me once I entered the dreaded “two week wait” phase… I just can’t settle down and every possible sign either way sends me into a right spin. 
So I started researching about pregnancy tests and came across loads that said they could give early results as soon as 5 day post ovulation! I was pretty much half way to the car but I was saved by curiosity after spotting the #WaitToWee hashtag… 

I devoured their logical and clear reasoning and was glad to have been told about all the heartbreaking false readings, both positive and negative. I’d never even heard about ‘chemical pregnancy’ and the practically unpronounceable hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) hormone – which is what is being detected in the pregnancy test kits. 

So now thanks to madeformums.com I’m much the wiser and have pledged to #WaitToWee but it doesn’t make the waiting any shorter! I am determined to stick to my pledge which is very helpful. 

Wish me luck in holding out!

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