Fruit Loopy #1 Apple Seed

From microscopic pair of cells to an apple seed sized embryo… The last six weeks have been quite a roller-coaster of emotions and feelings…

First there was the two-week wait… then the implantation bleeding that I mistakenly thought was a period… followed by that all important positive line on the pregnancy test – ok yes, I did more than one!

So then what?

I’d survived four weeks and this was something new. Doubt and uncertainty crept in and I kept wondering if I’d imagined it all?! I didn’t really feel any different. Could it really be true?

I swung into action with a plan to boost my number of steps a day. The gym really wasn’t working out for me. I’d be there for five minutes, not know what to do, feel dizzy and worried, then give up and go sit down and wait for Hubby to finish. Not exactly motivational to feel like I was failing. So I worked out a few walking routes and set myself some goals:-

  • 8000 steps = bronze
  • 10000 steps = silver
  • 12000 steps = gold

I even downloaded iRewardChart – a children’s rewarding app to try it out be able to give myself gold stars as an incentive. It is pretty good and I love the sound that it makes when you add stars. Sadly it does crash at the moment if you try to load the previous week’s stars. It didn’t do this to start with.

I’ve had mixed success with trying to stay motivated but I have been enjoying the home-time walk around the block with Hubby as its a perfect opportunity to talk without distractions. Walking forward together and talking actually has proven health benefits rooted in psychology! This article over at the Huffington Post has a great round up of some of the ideas and references. It’s something about being side-by-side and moving forward.

So I’m doing exercise and eating healthily – lots of green vegetables to boost vitamins and minerals needed for building a healthy brain. I may have overdone this a few times with devastating effect on my poor digestive system! I’ve been careful not to fall into the trap of “eating for two” as its not needed – Bean only needs an extra 300 calories and I was probably eating those anyway!

But what else?

  • Everyone keeps asking me if I feel sick yet and I’m paranoid that I don’t have this symptom! How crazy is that? I don’t really want to feel or be sick! There is a slight acid-reflux style niggle in my throat but nothing major. If I have some water it usually goes away. Fingers crossed that my body will go easy on me because sickness is not something I deal with very well. I do have a weird metallic taste in my mouth – this was one of the first things that I noticed.
  • My hands have swollen up a little so I can only get my wedding ring on but not the engagement ring too. Had to stow it away in its little box for a while.
  • Boobs… bigger? Yes – probably a little bit, heavier and fuller feeling mostly. And boy do the nipples tingle, itch, tweak… so sensitive! No change in colour though.
  • Cravings? Nope… does chocolate count? Definitely have a need for chocolate.
  • Sense of smell? Oh yes… I can smell bad things a mile off! Yuck.
  • Tired? Not really. I’ve been very busy with various work things and several social engagements so genuine tiredness is all I can lay claim to. Nearly fell asleep on the train home the other day – glad I didn’t or goodness only knows where I would have ended up!

We’ve been brave and told all of the close family members that we are pregnant. It’s come as quite a surprise to pretty much all of them but there is so much joy and excitement. So much hugging (ouch boobs) and squealing! I wrote a cryptic note in the Mother’s Day card and it took a few looks and nods for it to sink in… “no… you’re not? Really? OMG! Best Mother’s Day ever…” My poor Dad was seriously overwhelmed and just kept saying “thank you” to Hubby as he blinked away tears!

We know it is early days yet but we felt that it was right to tell family as we would need their support no matter the outcome. Also in our family I do need to be careful and let people know why I’m taking it easy… most family get-togethers involve lots of gardening, landscaping, walking and big woodwork crafts. Swinging a mattock and shifting 80 barrow loads of soil is no longer an option!

We’ve got everything crossed, hoping that Bean stays put and joins us in November as a healthy and happy baby…

Rhyming with Wine

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  1. Rhyming with Wine says:

    Oh that must have been such a precious mother’s day and it’s lovely that your Dad got so emotional. Great idea with the step goal. I really need to treat myself to a fitbit and then I could join you! I have an app on my phone but it misses most of my steps as I don’t carry my phone everywhere. Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam and I’ll look forward to your next update x

    Liked by 1 person

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