Fruit Loopy #2 Blueberry

This week has undoubtably all been about the boobs! Somehow it seemed very fitting for them to be paired with blueberries!

I’m told that Bean is now about the size of a blueberry but I couldn’t help but notice that there is some serious variation in blueberry sizes across a 300g punnet! I had to work hard to find a pair to take a snap of and it didn’t help that I kept eating the juicy ones!

But then I pulled myself together and realised that my pair aren’t even remotely the same… left has always been bigger than right and now with all the hormones flooding my body it doesn’t seem like right is going to ever catch up.

It’s about the only symptom I’ve got and they go from sensitive to prickly… hot to itchy… throbbing to bumpy… all in the blink of an eye. So sore at night that I have to hug a pillow just to keep them safe.

Poor hubby has been very good with me and a few nights ago tentatively asked if sex might be back on the cards at some point…

I’ve been quite worried and I guess I’ve just avoided anything that might “unstick” Bean; especially after my worrying implantation bleeding. So two nights later… with romantic shower and massage (ooo errr)… he got his wish… oh my god… fuck me!!! Damn, it was so good!!! Sorry if too much information!!

Ok, brain rebooted… where was I??! Oh yes… boobs…

So afterwards we kinda noticed (and had a right giggle) that my nipples had gone very dark and boobs were very round too! So so weird! A little bit of googling led to the conclusion that all that extra blood in my body had all flowed into two special spots!

Apart from boobs it seems like nothing has changed? I did notice some sharp twinges in lower right tummy, they seem to go away if I relax and rest.  Thankfully still no pregnancy sickness. I’m eating well and trying to get plenty of sleep.

First midwife appointment on Thursday. I’m sure their excuse “we come to you as it’s easier” is really just a cover up so they can come and check out your house. Just like the cat rescue centre did when we adopted Whisky. We did ok with her so hopefully we will pass this test too! Let the cleaning commence…

Rhyming with Wine

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  1. Oh wow, I hope it all goes well on Thursday. It is such an exciting time in your household it seems. :-)x


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  2. LOL my husband’s main issue during pregnancy was the stretch mark cream I used every night – everything I touched absolutely reeked of coconut and he hated it! #DreamTeam

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    1. RawMum says:

      Hubby likes that stuff. I guess he got used to it when he used it on his scars. They faded really well and pretty much saved his face so I’m hoping it’ll work well on me too!

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  3. Rhyming with Wine says:

    Oh the first midwife appt is the most exciting! It makes it feel so much more real. I remember them asking me what my birth plan was though and where I wanted to give birth? I honestly hadn’t even got my head around the being pregnant bit, let alone the birth part!? I’m so impressed that they’re coming to your home though! I was still waddling in to the docs at 41 weeks with my first! Exciting times. Hope everything goes really well for you lovely. Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam xx

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    1. RawMum says:

      It was so lovely. I think they do it to come and check out your home and make sure it’s a safe place! The glow has been somewhat dulled by some very scary bleeding today and yesterday. Have to wait until Tuesday for a scan though thanks to the Easter bank holidays! Grrr. Horrible waiting.

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      1. Rhyming with Wine says:

        I’ve never understood why these kind of scans can only be done on working days. I had a scare with my second and the waiting is awful! Try to take it easy and not to worry (ridiculous advice I know.) I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow and really hope that everything is ok. *hugs* xx

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      2. RawMum says:

        I know… and then they go one further and say… “well if you are miscarrying then there isn’t anything we can do anyway!!” Why thanks for that extra karmic kick to help me sleep… not! Hoping that I’m not the 1 in 3 women who miscarry with bleeding (1 in 4 women). I’m bad at maths… does that mean 1 in 12 women miscarry? Shouldn’t really be thinking like this by once something is in the noggin it keeps rattling around. Fingers crossed for a’ok tomorrow.


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