Pregnancy Diary- Month 2

Why count my pregnancy in months?

Um… for some reason 2/9 seems better than 8/40 or 60/280… but then fractions have never been my forte! Smaller is simpler in my little brain.

Plus the last few weeks have gone by in somewhat of a nauseous blur! I had every intention of trying to write a weekly update but Bean is definitely conspiring against me!

So my last period was on the 18th May 2017, this is the point at which you can start counting from. It sounds crazy but for the first two weeks of “pregnancy” you aren’t actually pregnant. Plus the third and fourth week go by in a kind of limbo of waiting. So that’s the first month done and dusted before that all important test gives you the news you’ve been hoping for.

So here I am nearing the end of Month 2 and boy what a month it has been! From a few days after getting my positive pregnancy test I’ve been feeling “off”. To begin with this was simply a sort of spaced out kind of thing. Then over the course of two weeks the waves of nausea have gotten worse and worse. Smells have been particularly troublesome and now, near the end of the month, dinnertime has become a serious obstacle.

I can smell cooked greens a mile off and they send me running for the loo gagging and choking. Eat something healthy? Nope! Actually eating anything warm turns my stomach and usually sobbing tears follow. Quite frustrating and rather distressing to be hungry and unable to face the dinner that Hubby has just made.

The midwife reassured me and said to just eat whatever I feel like eating and be guided by the first thing to pop into my head… great advice that is working so far! Normal mealtimes are out in favour of an all day nibble and all bets are off from one minute to the next.

On the good list so far

  • Carrot sticks drizzled in lemon and sprinkled with a touch of salt.
  • Popchips – sea salt and vinegar
  • Boiled egg
  • White bread toast with pure sunflower spread, sometimes with marmalade or jam.
  • Tuna sandwiches with salad cream
  • Cold grapes (definitely not room temp)
  • Apples
  • Bananas on the less ripe side
  • Tomatoes with oil/balsamic vinegar and basil (fresh)
  • Popcorn (ready to eat cold)
  • Frusili biscuit bars
  • Seeds and nuts cereal with tinned fruit
  • Ginger biscuits (where have the 25p Tesco ones gone to?)
  • Beans on toast with dairy free mozzarella cheese
  • Chocolate hazelnut alpro ice cream

Sometimes ok foods

  • Salt and pepper crackers
  • Dairy free yogurt (I’m lactose intolerant)
  • Mushrooms (not in gravy though – puke attack)
  • Potatoes boiled
  • Chicken chowder (made with almond milk)

Definitely not ok

  • Greens. Seriously. I have to leave the house.
  • Garlic chicken
  • Stew.

So apart from the nausea and sickness I’ve also been feeling totally exhausted. The kind that pokes you in the eye and says “oi… lie down or fall down now… your choice!”

In the last week our car broke down making it impossible for me to work. A blessing in disguise! Most days I have been spaced out on the sofa/bed/any flat surface! Brief moments of lucidity have been quickly followed by super naps… you know the kind that last for 3 hours or more!

Hubby has come home on most nights to find me wailing that I’ve not done anything today and I feel terrible… to which he replies (bless him) “It’s ok – you’ve been busy growing our baby, it takes a lot of energy” – awwww. Hugs. Love him so much!

Other than these two (aren’t they enough??!) I’ve had attacks of spots, dizziness, tearful moments without obvious triggers, and very sore boobs. This month has definitely been a huge challenge but I guess this is all just preparation for all that is ahead. I really hope that I can cope!

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  1. mums army says:

    Oh I really feel for you, that stage is the worst. You just feel so drained, fed up and sick!! It sounds like you are doing the best you can though by eating grazing food, that helped me for sure. The tiredness is a killer in those early stages too!! Let’s hope you get through this part of pregnancy quicky and start to feel a little bit back to normal xx Nicky #DreamTeam

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RawMum says:

      I’ve graduated this week to actually throwing up! But mostly in the morning. I am so hoping this settles down soon so I can start to enjoy the pregnancy. X o x o x


  2. Daydreamer mum says:

    Aawww that tiredness is just the worst! There’s nothing you can do to fight it so you may as well give in to the super nap whenever you can!!! DreamTeam

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s so exciting and tiring isn’t it! Your hubby sounds wonderful and the right support you need at the moment, growing a tiddler is most definitely hard work. Fingers crossed your ‘greens’ stage flies past for you in a blink of an eye. Keep up posted on how you get on. #DreamTeam xx

    Liked by 1 person

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