Pregnancy Diary – Month 3

Well this month has been the longest so far – I almost said ever but I’m suspecting that Month 9 will take that title!

I’ve had a long old wait for my “not 12 week scan“. It’s nearly week 14 and the additional eleven days have been very hard. I tried to ask people to stop calling it the 12 week scan and give it it’s true name of “dating scan” but I got told to calm down, stop being so stupid, and chill out! Thanks!

Luckily a few stalwarts have been around to say “don’t worry” your scan is in the normal date range. So I’ve managed to hang in there and am simultaneously terrified and tentatively excited for tomorrow morning to finally be here. 

This month has been very trying. The nausea of Month 2 graduated to actual sickness. All day feeling ill and 5-6pm being the major danger zone. Ensuring I’m eating small and regularly is the main remedy but I’ve often got it rather wrong! Cue sobbing and throwing up! A knealing mat my sister bought me for doing gardening is doubling as a very handy and comfy mat in the bathroom too. Thanks sis!

I’m definitely on the savoury side of food and have gone off most sweet things. Some say that this is an indication of carrying a boy… at least hubby will be happy. I’m not bothered either way really. Simple cheap rich tea biscuits have become the go-to fix. 

What’s really tricky and probably sounds crazy… I can’t go in the bathroom without feeling sick! So going in there often brings it on. The smell of normal bodily functions also makes me heave! This heightened sense of smell is crazy. I convinced myself that is gotten an imbalance or infection down below and dragged myself off to the Doc. Was dreading the embarrassment of a test but wanted to know that I wasn’t risking the baby. I need not have worried though… you do the actual swab yourself! Such a relief. If I’d known that I would definitely have not been so agitated and anxious and would have gone a week earlier. Plus everything was fine and normal! Just my sense of smell being in overdrive! Madness. 

Also on the unexpected side is the shooting to the groin pain if I sneeze! The first time I thought my bits were about to fall out! I’ve learnt to cradle my tummy and curl into a ball if I sense a sneeze on its way!

I’ve had to carry a bottle of water at all times as I’m so thirsty. On the downside this is resulting in lots of trips to the bathroom. Oh and that might also have something to do with an intruder in my bladder’s usual space! 

I’ve found an awesome antenatal Pilates class and am really enjoying the weekly sessions. It’s so nice to meet new people and chat. The exercises are graded to help us develop those all important core muscles at a gentle pace. I find quite a lot of them tricky but I am noticing an improvement. I’m the smallest bump in the class at the moment. In fact I felt like a total fraud at first as I didn’t look pregnant at all for the first few weeks! Then last week I noticed that the generally podgy look was giving way to a roundness and the ladies kindly agreed that bump was putting in an appearance. Ekk!

Tiredness has been a real killer. It’s crazy because sleep has been elusive. Basically brain is bored and won’t let body sleep but body is too tired and won’t let brain function. So I end up in a vicious cycle of not being able to do anything. I have to admit it has been getting me down. I’m lucky that I currently have a weekly talk session but I think I might mention it to my midwife too. I’m really struggling with work plus being at home too much and I’m hoping that it’s not a bad sign. At least I’m more aware of low feelings these days and know to ask for help. 

The last three days have been very emotional and I’ve burst into tears for no direct reason several times. Hubby is being very good at just holding me and helping me to breathe. I’m probably just getting worked up over the scan tomorrow. Let’s hope that it’s a good result and maybe I’ll start to enjoy the pregnancy and be able to dream and hope…

Rhyming with Wine

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  1. mamagrace says:

    I did’t know there was special pregnancy pilates! Hope the sickness gets better and you can sleep. #DreamTeam

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    1. RawMum says:

      Oh it’s brilliant. She adjusts everything to be suitable for each stage and targets all those muscles we are going to need. I always thought it was odd to only have postnatal pilates… surely doing as much as possible before and during is just as important as getting fixed up afterwards! Just had a nice much needed nap after a stressful night. Feeling a bit more refreshed 👍🏻

      Liked by 1 person

  2. All the love and very best wishes for your scan lovely. I know it’s been such a long time coming for you and I truly hope that all is well and that you’ve finally been able to meet your little one today. Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RawMum says:

      Thank you. It’s been quite a journey but hopefully smooth sailing from here 🤞🏻pictures and the full story coming soon…


  3. My mummy had a very similar experience and craved savoury food too, the best is yet to come xx #DreamTeam

    Liked by 1 person

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