Ante-natal Pilates

With all the big body changes coming up I decided that it would be a good idea to take care of myself for a change!

So I hunted and hunted and hunted for an ante-natal exercise class… one found one. Just one! 

I found tonnes of post-natal classes but barely any for during pregnancy. Which to me seems very odd. I want to take care of myself throughout the pregnancy and to be strong in preparation for the birth. I don’t just want to try to fix things once they are broken. I want to give myself the best chances possible to not get broken. 

So I found this one class and thought I’d go and give it a go… I put on my brave face and rocked up. 

Four welcoming smiles greeted me and introductions ensued all around. I filled out a medical history questionnaire and had a chat with Lauren our instructor. All this put me at ease as I felt I was in good hands. 

We warmed up with some gentle stretches and mobilisation, then got down to some core focused exercises. There is something in there for everyone. We’ve got fitness nuts and marathon runners and ladies like me who haven’t done much exercise recently. Lauren gives us options for each exercise and keeps tabs on us to make sure we are comfortable and safe. 

I’ve been going now for 5 weeks and really feel like it’s making a huge difference. I’ve made some lovely friends… lunch and baby chats have been a really welcome bonus. The ladies have been great about sharing top tips. 

I’m the smallest bump by far… we need some more trimester 2 bumps or I’m going to be lonely in a month! Baby 1 has just arrived and another is due in two weeks. 

Come and join in… it’s on a class by class basis so you can tailor it around how you feel each week.

Monday 5-5.45pm Chichester Fitjoy Ante-natal Pilates 

See you there?

(Picture borrowed from the Fitjoy webpage – hope this was ok 😊)

Rhyming with Wine
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  1. Rhyming with Wine says:

    I think this sounds like a great way to build your core strength and prepare your body in the best way for the journey ahead. Lovely way to meet other mums to be too! Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

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