Pregnancy Diary – Month 4

This last month has flown by! Probably because the nausea and sickness of month 3 have gradually gone away, coupled with the relief of seeing wriggling baby at the dating scan. The fog has lifted and I can think clearer – a huge relief. 

I still get bouts of queasiness but usually over strong smells or certain foods. I’m still eating little and often with much smaller portions. I know when I’ve eaten enough as body protests and threatens to make me throw up. It’s a very odd sensation as I’ll often be enjoying it and be hungry enough to finish. But body says enough, stop now or else!

With the sickness going I’ve often had wobbly moments of “am I still pregnant?” and “is everything still ok?” It’s odd because I just look and feel podgy – like I’ve got a food baby. With the slower digestion comes all sorts of horrid side effects such as trapped gas and constipation which adds to the bloating. Very odd for me as I’m lactose intolerant and usually suffer from quick digestive effects not slow. 

To help myself feel better I spent an entire day sorting out my wardrobe. I tried on every item and sorted into: fabrics for crafting box, send to charity shop pile, give to sister pile, box for afterwards to put away (several hopefuls in here!), only “will see me through” clothes went back in. There wasn’t much left especially trousers so I’ve made a few choice purchases including my first pair of bump jeans. Proud mummy moment! They are so comfy!

A big problem that I’ve found is that I just don’t have the shoes for “modern fashion”. All except once pair of bump trousers (thank you Mothercare) are skinny fit! I’m much more of a bootcut kind of girl. It’s a weird thing about “feet at right angles” but that’s a whole other crazy story! So trying to work with skinny trousers and leggings… need boots… I have a pair of old faithful brown boots that are so close to giving up. But I can’t find any mid length, low heel boots that are waterproof. I’ve looked everywhere but all they have are short boots, very long boots or boots with big heels. I can’t wear anything over an inch as I have a damaged knee. If anyone knows of some lovely comfy boots please let me know where and I’ll be there!

One of the most exciting moments I’ve had has been getting the first few baby items. I found these super cute bibs in TKMax and just had to buy them because of the arrow on the green bib! We love archery. 

We’ve also been given… yes given for free… a beautiful wooden swinging crib. It’s barely been used and just needs a new mattress and we are ready to receive! Ekk!

Two of the antenatal Pilates class ladies have had their babies now. Two very cute babies I can’t wait to meet. Which meant I got to go shopping for little boy outfits… one of the ladies didn’t know whether it would be a boy or girl so had all neutral clothes. Her mum tipped the rest of us off that she would like some blue. I passed the test of finding the right sizes!!! First baby outfits bought. They were on the sofa when hubby came home and he was admiring them. I had to tell him that they weren’t for us! Awww! But I think that whatever baby we get… they are going to have a space theme outfit! #genderequality – a very topical theme at the moment! 

For the other friend I got some Cook vouchers… I’ve been in once when they first opened and wrote them off because they didn’t have many allergy friendly dishes. I was wrong! They have loads now and they do a fabulous 10% off scheme for new parents. Worth a look as they do very tasty and easy, honest food. 

All of this manic stuff has made the time fly and also taken my mind off lots of weird and painful feelings: itchy boobs that have me running for a quiet spot to rub them! Bubbly flutters that could be baby rolling or often turn out to be imminent farts! And the real killer of the month… tailbone pain. 

Tailbone pain is the bane of my life. It’s catch 22. I want to sit up to get off tail but then bump feels squished and protests by getting all hard and ouchy. So I sit back and end up yelping in pain. Yes literally out loud. I’m now the crazy person on the train yelping, muttering to myself and rocking from side to side! Chairs are my nemesis. If I’m not standing up I’m looking for somewhere to lay down. 

One of the only things that is getting me through is playing back the heartbeat recording we took at our 16 week midwife appointment. It’s a wonderful and calming thing to hear and I’m so glad we got to capture it. When I’m feeling down, in pain or just whenever: I play it back and feel so much better. I got this… we can do this…

3 Little Buttons

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  1. Mrs Lighty says:

    Aww, I love reading your updates! I hate to tell you this but the tailbone pain doesn’t go away after baby arrives either, aaargh!!! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RawMum says:

      Wait… what???!! I’m so getting more cushions for everywhere. Going to the cinema or out for dinner is a nightmare at the moment. Glad you like reading my meandering ramblings 😊👍🏻


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