Pregnancy Diary – Month 5

I’m not really very sure where the last month has gone! A big milestone that made me feel very much a woman… My boobs started working! Nothing particularly spectacular in itself… one evening of crazy itching and then a few tiny dribbles the next morning. But nevertheless a moment in my life that feels meaningful in its own little way!

We’ve also started to allow ourselves to hope and dream… the all clear and healthy at the anomaly scan and the fun of going to our first Baby Show… all made it all seem a little more real… we are actually having a baby!!

Pelvic pain has become a constant companion and has progressed from just tailbone to up front on the pelvic bone too. I feel like I’m coming apart at the seams! Midwife doesn’t seem worried and just attributed it to normal pregnancy niggles. Antenatal pilates instructor has been brilliant and has lots of adaptations plus exercises to help. I’ve also splashed out on a new tailbone cushion (Amazon)! OMG! It is so nice. I can now sit and do office work, eat my dinner at a leisurely pace and I’m even contemplating seeing some more films at the cinema now that I can sit down! The only downside is that I have to fight the cat for it!

Nesting! Why now after nearly five years in our house am I going full steam ahead on our dream house extension? Planning has begun in earnest and quotes are trickling in… of course I can totally project manage a build at the same time as giving birth and looking after a newborn…!!! Oh, and let’s completely strip and decorate the spare room and turn it into a nursery while still retaining bed space so guests can stay over (more likely in our bedroom). We’ve picked out a new sofa bed, highly tested for our comfort much to the amusement of the other shoppers 😜 Every time we start diy I’m really keen… and then I remember how much I hate sanding… and filling… and painting ceilings… and gloss work… ah well… it’ll be done soon!

Sex during pregnancy… Everyone seems to be saying that it’s all ok and Baby is safe in there… but… I have to admit that it’s not been an easy ride! We first tried at about 12 weeks pregnant. It was disastrous and with tears starting to rolling down my face we just had to stop.  I just couldn’t control the anxiety and worry, after our previous loss I just couldn’t face anything that might upset this new life. Hubby was fantastic with it all and just comforted me and reassured me that we didn’t need to have sex.

The next time we tried was at about 16 weeks. The dating scan had made me feel more secure and the memory of the nausea of trimester one was receding. Again, we had to stop… it was hurting… not one to brag even on Hubby’s behalf… but I think he was bumping my cervix! Not comfortable at all!

So we had gotten into a no-sex situation… good in that I could feel what was changing only attributed to pregnancy but I felt that we were not as close. I craved hugs and kisses but didn’t want to get him too excited and so pulled back, and a little distance appeared. There is just something so much more connected when we are physically close, as well as being loving and caring partners.

This week I felt it would be worth another try even if it didn’t work out. No pressure at all from him in any way. I think he was a bit surprised when I brought it up! This time I have to report a success! We were both relaxed, bump was taken very great care of, and now we are back to that delightful closeness that I love. Very relieved to have crossed this hurdle although I think we might need to get a little creative to manage my expanding tummy… also, being on my back made me feel rather dizzy!!

This month has been the month for wiggles and bumps… baby is definitely getting stronger and I’ve desperately been trying to help Hubby catch a kick… finally just two nights ago it happened. He was giving bump a slather in cocoa butter (Amazon) and rested his hand underneath when I said I felt wiggles… a few little taps which I felt but didn’t come through… then one almighty kick… I didn’t need to ask… the look in his face was clear… he felt it! One proud and happy new Daddy!

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  1. Sorry to hear that you are dealing with pelvic pain, I used to do pregnancy yoga on a yoga ball and that helped with some of the pain X #pocolp

    Liked by 2 people

    1. RawMum says:

      Pilates is helping but only when I’m not too shattered to even move my legs!


  2. The wriggles and kicks are an amazing stage! And they just keep getting stronger and more visible. Don’t forget to film a few for your pregnancy record, it’s so funny looking back in them. Thanks so much for joining us for the #dreamteam and glad to hear everythings tickety boo. xxx

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  3. RawChildhood says:

    I’ve got 3 weeks left of my third pregnancy, it’s gone way too fast but then again i am not a huge lover of pregnancy. I feel you with the pelvic pain though, i have severe SPD and have done with each pregnancy so I am on crutches 😦 #pocolo

    Liked by 2 people

    1. RawMum says:

      Ouch. I hope it doesn’t get that bad. I don’t do well on crutches. Pilates seems to help and got a support band too to try take some of the weight. Fingers crossed that it goes away for you once number 3 is born. 😊🤞🏻


  4. Morgan Prince says:

    Aw it’s so lovely when they get to feel the kick isn’t it? It sounds like you’ve got a lot on, be sure to get some rest too!
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo

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  5. askagimp says:

    Congratulations! I recently started feeling movement and it is amazing. When you have a complicated pregnancy or health problems, it gives you a lot if reassurance to feel her moving and thriving.

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