Glucose Loading Test

Why? Why? Why?

That’s what was running through my head as I tried to sip my way through the sweet and sticky goop in five minutes at 7am in the morning?

Why am I doing this? This is making me feel awful and I don’t even know why I’ve been told I have to do it. I’m not at risk of diabetes and I don’t have anything I’ve been told I should worry about… do I?

I started to doubt whether I’d been told everything and maybe the midwife, that I didn’t trust, hadn’t told me something I should be worrying about???

What I should have been told is that everyone is being made to do this test now as part of the routine checks. It doesn’t matter if you are high or low risk. Everyone does one!

So as I shuffled into the hospital 2 hours later and lined up for the blood test I felt crazy. I never have sugar like this. I don’t really have any processed sugar at all thanks to my lactose intolerance saving me from the worst excesses! I felt high and low all at the same time and my tummy was churning from missing my lovely porridge and raisins.

Luckily it was all over quickly and I headed home. I felt so odd and out of kilter that I went back to bed and slept it off. I felt like my heart was going to race out of my chest… what an awful thing to add to all the pregnancy symptoms.

Ugh! I hope I never have to do that again.

Update… phew… all the tests came back in normal ranges

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