Hypnobirthing – Part 4

Today was the last session of the four part course and one we’ve been really looking forward because we had a tour of the birthing suites and delivery rooms. It’s been something that has been playing on my mind…

I like to know where I’m going and what sort of environment I’ll be in. Not knowing details and actually being able to visit was starting to be a sticking point in my mind. The general policy at our hospital is that you can watch a online video tour but can’t visit in person. As part of the hypnobirthing course a lot of us had identified that this wasn’t enough and being able to see in person would be a great way to reduce anxiety and the dreaded adrenaline.

It turns out that we dropped very lucky and that evening both the delivery suites and the birthing centre were empty… no birthing ladies tonight so we could take a tour with the midwives running the course.

We started by looking at delivery suite 7… a very spacious room with en-suite, plus bed front and centre in the room. Steph showed the chaps how to reposition the bed in a variety of upright and active birthing positions. It’s amazing what you can do! She even lived up to expectations of midwives (as told by my dad… an ex-hospital engineer) and squished the bed pan underneath! She explained each piece of equipment and the things that we could do to make this space calm, comfortable and relaxing so that we could continue to  use our hypnobirthing techniques even in a more highly monitored situation.

We were then offered the chance to see the operating theatre… most people stayed quiet at this point but I spoke up… yes I wanted to see it… even if the prospect is rather scary, I would rather know and be as informed as possible. So Hubby and I followed Steph and peeked in the door, as the rest was sterile, and felt very reassured. While there were a lot of medical aids it really was a pleasant space.

Next came the birthing suite, lavender room, with a huge birthing pool, en-suite and variety of birthing aids – even a bean bag! Floor mats are available and the bed is pushed to the side of the room. All the ceiling lights can be dimmed or turned off to allow the calm mood lighting on the walls to create a soft relaxed atmosphere. There is even a light in the bottom of the pool! Birth affirmations were also up on the walls in case you forget your own in the heat of the moment. It’s recommended to bring your own birthing (gym) ball so that it’s the right size for you.

Once we’d had our tour we wandered back over to the physio room to continue with the course… I was so slow…considering I’m the latest due date I really feel that the pelvic pain is slowing me down!

This week we did several more scripts for calm breathing and relaxation. One of my favourites was the golden thread… this involves imagining blowing out a fine golden thread on each breath out. I think we will need to keep practising these scripts even though it feels repetitive because with each reading come a familiarity and it seems to make it easier to drop into a chilled out state.

To finish we ran through the birth process as a group and talked about our ideal plans and things we would like to bring to the hospital.

This has been a fantastic course that has been really beneficial for me to prepare and learn techniques for making birth as easy as possible… but the most impressive thing about this course is the way that it empowers the men (or birth partners) to be an active and core part of the birth process. I really feel that Hubby has taken everything on board, made it our own and is now front and foremost in leading the process. By taking this position he is making it easy for me to trust him to take charge on the day, allowing me to zone out and tune into working with my body and baby.

We’ve got plenty of tools to practice and perfect over the next two months…

“I believe in myself and my ability to birth our baby safely and calmly”

“I can picture birthing my baby calmly in the birthing pool with Hubby helping me every step of the way”

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4… Birth story (coming end of Feb!)


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  1. Morgan Prince says:

    Exciting times ahead hun. It sounds like you’re really getting prepared now. Good luck. xxx
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo

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  2. eek you sound like you know what you are doing, all the best X #pocolo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RawMum says:

      Thanks. Fingers crossed that it all works out as planned…. ha ha ha!!! Miracles might happen.

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