Pregnancy Diaries – Month 7

In the mayhem of preparing for the festive season this month has absolute flown by! I can’t believe we could be meeting our baby in possibly just 6 weeks!

This month we’ve been enjoying our evening hypnobirthing classes. Four weekly sessions with seven other couples. I’ve written a blog post about each session and both Hubby and I have found them incredibly helpful. 1 2 3 4

You know how some people coo over “what a lovely tidy bump” you have… well this month I’ve had a plethora of odd shapes – I’m desperate to know which way up Baby is? Sometimes this is extremely uncomfortable to the point where I just want to sob! One night on the way home from hypnobirthing class baby got into such an excruciating spot that my left leg went all numb!!!

This definitely robbed me of my cool as I squealed at Hubby to pull over and leapt out of the car to try get baby to move. After all the calm of class I did feel somewhat of a failure for not being able to keep cool and relaxed. One thing you don’t (and can’t) practice in class is actually dealing with pain for real. This really threw me.

When we got home we tried quite a few of the techniques we had learnt and eventually got to bed in a semi-comfortable but exhausted state. Over the next few days we had several more opportunities to put our learning into practice and even though I still lose it sometimes I am really grateful for the arsenal of tools we have to try to solve the issue and for the way that Hubby can just “do something” (often the right thing) when I am unable to articulate what I need.

It may be slightly early but with us going away for the festive period I felt the need to have my hospital bag with us. I’ve not got everything yet but making a start and having several of the essentials would mean I had some comforts if I went into early labour. Also I felt it sort of acts as a talisman against an early arrival! Mad I know… but harmless and useful if it should happen.

I used one of our carry on cases that has really easy to push wheels. It’s done us very well so far in all our travels and feels somewhat appropriate for this next journey. It’s probably not going to be big enough on its own but I hope to keep all the “stuff” to a minimum so we have less faff on arriving at the hospital.

Here are a few of the lists that I’m sort of following… with a few additions from my new Mum friends who have just given birth too.—what-to-pack-for-your-labour/9750.html

Two months to go…

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