Pregnancy Diaries – Month 8

The biggest development of the month has been getting a new midwife! I’m so glad I spoke up as it was really stressing me out to feel like I couldn’t ask any questions. I’ve now got a super lovely midwife who just really puts me at ease and assured me that there are no stupid questions. A real refreshing change.

We believe that Baby is head down at the moment. Just hoping that they don’t have a last minute acrobatic change of heart! One of the biggest clues is the hiccups… at least once a day Baby hiccups for a while. They feel rather like there is a ticking clock up my bum! If they were higher up in my belly I think I would be worried that Baby is breech. Two of the other ladies at my pilates class are breech and suspected breech. Got my fingers crossed that they are able to turn.

Braxton Hicks… at the start of the month I wasn’t sure but now I’m certainly getting some of these. Bump goes incredibly hard and, depending on the position I’m in, I’ve found some of these incredibly painful. I think it may be because baby’s head isn’t quite engaged in my pelvic and is getting pushed against a rather sore nerve in my left hip. It makes my leg go numb and very painful. It totally takes my breath away… a couple of coping strategies have worked… mostly around positioning and moving around. Child’s pose is good if I catch it before it kicks off too much… if not then getting upright (a challenge in itself) and swirling hips or figures of eight gradually ease the pain and encourage Baby away from the tender bit.

I’ve seen the consultant to talk about this and it may be a result of a genetic condition PMP22 that gives me rather pressure sensitive nerves. Throughout my life I’ve just had to be careful with how I sit and lean. If I wear heels then I’m in for at least a month of numb feet – not worth it! So we are checking out if there are any implications or options for helping me during birth as Baby will be pushing through a nerve filled region. Water birth is high on my priorities as it will take the weight off my legs and support me well. Oh and I find it super calming and relaxing so that’s a great bonus too. Let’s hope the stars align and I can have this wish!

I’ve had a super urgent craving for fruit cake which you would have thought would be an easy find over the festive period… nope! Being lactose intolerant sucks! In the end I had to buy all of the ingredients and make it myself! Two days of fruit soaking, cooking and cooling until I could sink my teeth in! No one got a look in on that festive treat as it was guarded at all times!!!

A severely bunged up nose and heartburn have been making sleep a big challenge. More pillows to the rescue! A giant slope of softness has helped get me in a better position but sometimes makes my sides hurt. When I mentioned the heartburn to my new midwife she wrote out a prescription for some Gaviscon which has really helped. With the maternity card it’s free so that was a big win.

We spent Xmas down at Mum and Dad’s house, even the cat came too! So when we got home we thought it was the perfect time to relocate the cat’s sleeping spot. As a rescue cat she has a few quirks and is much spoilt for her tricky start in life before she found her forever home with us. She is part of our tribe and as such was sleeping with us at the bottom of the bed, usually tucked in behind my knees! We’ve been wondering about how to keep baby safe as we were concerned that Whisky would love to curl up to this nice warm body too! So we’ve taken the plunge and shut her in the lounge/kitchen overnight.

We did expect a little backlash, as when she is upset she brings in lots of mice, but she has really taken to it. She loves the beanbag and curls up happily beside the fire. I’m glad it’s worked as it’s peace of mind for us that she is happy and we’ve created safe spaces for Baby. Phew!

It’s official! I’ve graduated… no matter what happens now I’ve got Mum stripes! Just a few down in a line from my belly button. They are a little sensitive to touch but I’m continuing to slather on the cocoa butter as my poor skin tries to keep up with the ever expanding bump!

Will it be 3 weeks or 7 weeks from here?? I’m hoping for less but also don’t want to mess up my sister’s plans for a family get together and baby shower at my 38 week mark!

Rhyming with Wine

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  1. Wear your stripes with pride! First time around mine appeared post labour which was weird for me, but this time around I’ve noticed more appearing. I look forward to hearing the last part of your pregnancy journey! #dreamteam

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  2. Heather Keet says:

    Great news on the new midwife, you should always be comfortable with your medical team! #DreamTeam

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