EcoBaby – Second hand sales

Between facebook marketplace and Pagham Children & Baby Table Top Sales I’ve done really well at finding a whole host of pre-loved goodies. I’ve found that the Table Top Sales are so well organised with parents taking time to clean and sort out their items that it’s a real pleasure to attend. Great for the environment and also very light on the wallet too – everything in the picture I got for just £5!

I’ve also been lucky enough to have friends and family raiding their loft stashes and passing on all sorts of things for the imminent arrival of little one. I’ve got several new mum friends who have babies that are now 5 months old and have outgrown their early clothes… just waiting to see whether Baby is a boy or girl!

Babies can be notoriously expensive and its very easy to fall into the trap of buying expensive things that don’t last very long as children grow so quickly and their needs are forever changing. But it doesn’t need to be that way… there is an alternative which is so easy. Pre-loved stuff can be found in so many places.

To make things easy for our friends and family to help us out we started a very simple WordPress website… it’s really easy to do, great fun and flexible to suit your style. We put up our scan pictures and story so far too for those family who are further afield. Then we added pages for “got it” to avoid duplicates, “ideas” as a place to park thoughts so they don’t get forgotten, a “wishlist” with links, and a “library” of baby books we’ve been given so far.

It’s really helped to make sure that we don’t end up with duplicates of things we don’t need and also helped us to keep a handle on the organisation of our house and home at this time. I may be on the OCD side of things but I also know how excited people are about our little bundle of joy. By making our wishes and thoughts (especially around being ecological and environmentally friendly) clear from the start it’s helped us to convey to well-meaning folks how we would like to parent.

Neither myself or Hubby have great need for “stuff” and we’ve been bowled over by the consideration that everyone has shown. We really didn’t need to worry too much but I do think that a lot of the credit does go to having that website set up to help people to understand.

Once little one is here we’ll be continuing as we started and becoming another link in the “ecological parents” chain… I’ll be passing on items we got for free to others in needs and regularly attending pre-loved sales before jumping into new purchases. There are a few of us new mums now who will be forming a group so that we don’t all have to go to each sale. We can bundle up all our stuff together and two of us can run a stall and share the proceeds with the group, sharing the burden of selling between us (if I can let others do it – I not so secretly love doing these sales!).


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  1. Morgan Prince says:

    I did the buying expensive things for BP – my eldest – but for LP we kept all BP’s old stuff. Most of it was re-used again after I passed it onto my sister who had 3 boys!
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo

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    1. RawMum says:

      Since little one arrived I’m really starting to appreciate the fact that babies are best in simple vest and babygrow at this early stage. Anything fancy or complicated is just too much to deal with. One or two special outfits for photo shoot or similar is plenty and can be fun at a time when baby is amenable to being “teddy bear” or “dressed up”. KISS is the way to go. It’s hard enough without making it harder!

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