About me…

Simply me.

A raw and unedited truth in my journey through motherhood.

I decided to start this blog for two reasons…
1) Therapy for me – unburdening my thoughts and feelings in a safe place, saving ideas for later, and making connections with real people to stay sane!
2) Food for thought for others – I’ve had a rocky road so far with pressures and opinions of others. It took a major incident for me to claw back control and start to trust in my own opinions. I’d like others to know that they are not alone if they have thoughts like my own.

Please forgive me for keeping this anonymous, it’s mostly to save my blushes and allow me to speak my thoughts freely.

I hope you enjoy the blog and please do comment and share.

I’d love to host guest blogs too so if you’ve got a story you’d like to tell please¬†get in contact.