Making a babygrow

I have to admit to loving a bit of crafting… I’ll pretty much try out anything but I’m a real sucker for crafts that include upcycling or repurposing.

So when I spotted a pattern for making a babygrow in The Eternal Maker I thought it would be a perfect way to use up some of my super soft pre-loved t-shirt stash… I pondered just getting the pattern and giving it a go… but common sense got the better of me and I booked onto a day class instead. I figured that it would be nicer to spend time with other people, under the direction of an expert and hopefully leave with it finished… rather than shutting myself away at home and struggling on for days (ok weeks) and ultimately not finishing!

I even convinced my pilates buddy to join me for the day! We had an absolutely fabulous time and while it was a really full on day I’m glad I chose the class approach.

I used a white t-shirt for the trim and a flecked grey for the main fabric… at least I didn’t have the brain ache of keeping pattern pieces the right way up!!

We were all pretty chuffed with the results… our two are in the newborn size and we’ve got the patterns now to do all the way up to 24 months. When we got home the daddies-to-be were asking if they come in adult sizes too!!

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