Falling apart at the seams

Pelvic pain really sucks. I started with tailbone pain at about 14 weeks pregnant and then graduated to the double act at about 18 weeks. Basically it feels as though my pelvis is coming apart, especially at the front!

Sitting down is a challenge because I have to get exactly on my sit bones half way between the tailbone pain and the pelvic pain! It’s possible but exhausting! Sometimes sitting on a gym ball helps but eight hours of that is even more tiring! Hoping that it’ll make my core stronger.

Most of the time I end up laying down on my side which is rubbish as it’s so hard to do anything – work or play – in this position as your hands are restricted.

It was getting hard to even walk around the block too so I self referred to the physio and was seen really quickly! Well done West Sussex NHS. Apparently I’m doing all the right things… swimming, walking, not sitting too long, Pilates… so I was given this oh so sexy support band!

It’s only for while you are walking and upright. It has really helped me to keep going with daily walks, even if some days they are quite short. It makes a huge difference as I feel for stable and held together. Plus it’s really funny when I take it off to sit on the train… picture this… huge Velcro rip sound… pulling giant long white band from under jumper… plonking down with a sigh… oh the looks I get from the other commuters! Do I care? Nope!

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