Hypnobirthing – Part 1

We’ve taken the plunge and started our first of 4 hypnobirthing classes. It’s an evening class run by the local NHS midwife team at the hospital. We’ve heard great things about how it can make a big difference in birth experiences.

So despite our reservations that it might be a bit “hippy” we went with open minds…

We are one of 8 couples… in our group it seems to be classic mum and dad situations all round. 7/8 are first time parents-to-be… the one second-time mum wants to have a home birth this time.

It started with the usual outlining expectations and getting to know everyone a little then covered: what hypnobirthing is, positive affirmations, the language of hypnobirthing, creating a safe and oxytocin (happy hormone) environment to minimise fear and adrenaline (bad hormone as it stops the birth processes).

I birth my baby with waves, each one bringing my baby closer to shore. #wateroflifedoula #brth #affirmation

They split the ladies and blokes up for one activity where the blokes listed the things they would do to set a romantic room up… while the ladies listed what they thought it would be like on arrival to the hospital room. It gave the blokes the challenge of making the environment as close as possible to the “honeymoon” room. I liked this part as it really empowered the blokes to take charge of the situation and be a huge asset in making mums as comfortable and calm as possible.

Beautiful Positive Birth Affirmation cards by MamaPixie. This listing is for the Magnolia Rainbow design. These are perfect for putting on your birthing altar, placing around your home or tucked into the corner of mirrors to remind you during pregnancy of your strength and to reaffirm your awareness of trust in your body, your birth, and your baby.After the break where we had to be hauled back from our chats with other couples… we covered breathing into the belly and started to look at relaxation. They used scripts and relaxation music to lead us through drifting into calmness. It’s practical and hands on with lots to think and talk about. The “homework” keeps this momentum up too.

So far it think there will be some useful content we will use – I guess it’s all about adapting it to work for you as a couple.

The biggest positive so far has been how much hubby has started to realise that he can do to help. Very empowering. Last night I came home from work in a bit of a mess and he just swung into action with warm bath, strokes and massage, positive speaking and relaxation music. It was such a chilled evening and I felt so much better.

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4… Birth story (coming end of Feb!)

Rhyming with Wine

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  1. Abi says:

    This sounds so lovely! I was really interested in hypnobirthing this time round but unfortunately we couldn’t get childcare to attend the classes which I was gutted about 😦 looking forward to reading about your experience though #dreamteam

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    1. RawMum says:

      It’s been a fab course. Just have to put it into practice. Sometimes I win and sometimes I fall apart with the BH practice contractions!!! You can get quite a lot of info online.


  2. This sounds super exciting! And gosh, it’s working already. It’s fab that your hubby seems totally in tune with what you need. If I was ever pregnant again, I would definitely send Mr Button on this course!! LOL. Thanks for joining us for the #DreamTeam xx

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    1. RawMum says:

      It’s one that you do together as a couple really. Otherwise who is he going to practice on in class 😜

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  3. Rhyming with Wine says:

    I didn’t look into hyno-birthing but I got to witness first hand what a huge difference it makes to labour if we stay calm and feel in control. I think these will be brilliant techniques for the big day and it’s great the your other half is learning some valuable ways to support you through your pregnancy and the labour too! Exciting times ahead lovely! Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

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