Pregnancy Diaries – Month 6

Ok – time is definitely flying now! I have no idea where the last month has gone and bump seems to grow as I watch it!

Bump is living up to its name!! It’s certainly turning into quite a spectator sport… for me and Hubby at least… bump seems shy around other people and goes quiet. I get big protrusions sticking out in sometimes rather uncomfortable ways! I reckon it must be head or bum as its quite wide and rounded. I usually just give it a rub and try to reposition them but suddenly wondered if I might accidentally poke Baby in the eye? Is that even possible?

Strong and fast growing nails are the only good pregnancy side effect I seem to be enjoying! I can’t keep up with trimming them! My hands have also gone back down to normal size so I can get my rings on again.

My hair doesn’t know whether to be greasy or dry and I wouldn’t describe it a luscious by any means… the only hair that seems to want to grow like mad is down below!!! Dunno if I’m alone in this observation but it does bring up the questions of personal grooming for D-Day… but considering that I can’t reach my legs comfortably to deal with them I imagine that au-natural is going to be the lazy option as all the discomforts ramp up. I’m sure they’ve seen it all before and I really won’t care at that point.

I’ve not had any sickness for a while but the other morning I had a spectacular random porridge throw up! I hadn’t even finished the bowl and nearly didn’t make it to the loo in time! I’m wondering if it was because I took a Pregnacare vitamin tablet just before my first spoonful of porridge rather than afterwards? I’ve not been able to put mushed banana in my porridge since!

Where are my tummy muscles? The seem to have ab-dicated… sorry! Getting out of bed and chairs is such a challenge. They’ve gone AWOL. Hope they survive and make an appearance again after baby arrives and they have their space back again. Lauren, our pilates instructor, says that they must still be there and got me to watch my belly as I was doing some moves… it’s funny because they do still pull but they make bump kind of cone shaped (from my point of view). Baby seems to enjoy the gentle squeezy massage too.

Random sobbing has been quite a feature of the month. It’s odd because there isn’t always an apparent cause. I feel better if I just let the tears flow out and try not to find the reasons. Hubby has been fab and deploys the hugs to comfort me. I think I’ll try to continue to just let them come if needed and just leave it there. I don’t need to figure it out. I’m pregnant. That’s good enough.

With so much to think about and prepare it can sometimes get overwhelming but we are chipping away gradually. A big one off the list this month is the travel system. We’ve been very lucky that my folks have offered to buy this for us although it does add the pressure to make sure we get the best option for our situation. We’ve settled on the Jane Crosswalk system with Matrix lie-flat carrier as it will allow us to travel to see family. We had some amazing help from the staff at Baby2000, an amazing shop that stocks so many brands it’s perfect for finding the best solution.

I can’t believe I’ve been pregnant for half a year!!! We got this… we are strong…

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